Mudra is the world’s first Neural Input wristband.

Wearable Devices Ltd. develops a non-invasive neural input technology that allows operation and control of digital devices using subtle finger movements and fingertip pressure.

Mudra transforms interaction and control of digital devices to be as natural and intuitive as real-life experiences.

Using Mudra you can create amazing, delightful and intuitive user experiences which will become the standard of wearable Human-Computer Interaction.
Mudra makes your Hardware and Software instantly intuitive to use, with first of its kind fingertip pressure detection and accurate finger gestures recognition.

With Mudra you can build applications for Smartwatch, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mobile Phone, Smart Television, Gaming, Robotics and Digital Health.

Smartwatch - same hand on-the-go control
VR - Real-life immersive experiences
AR - Hands free natural interaction

Simple gestures control it all

We are tailoring the right user experience for each device type and control function. Mudra supports Discrete interactions, Continuous interactions and Air-Touch interactions. Discrete gestures are the individual movements of a finger, e.g. index, thumb, soft tap on the thumb. Continuous gestures are various fingertip pressure gradations applied on physical objects or between fingers. Air-Touch gestures combine fingertip pressure and air-mouse, e.g. slide to unlock.
Smartwatch same-hand operation
Mudra enables innovative games and applications controlled by the same-hand using subtle finger movements, on a visible display, while multi-tasking or on-the-go.
Augmented Reality Interface
Mudra’s hands-free natural interaction with augmented data layers, holograms and physical items gives control outside the field of view, in a natural form, indoors and outdoors.
Virtual Reality Controller
Mudra creates a real-life immersive game experience, where the fingers are free to reach out to touch, hold and grab naturally and intuitively.
Mobile, PC & Console
With Mudra you can enrich video games using your own tailored gestures for the scene, and create the best gaming experiences.
Monitoring & Sports Analytics
Improve skills and performance in training and live games with real-time feedbacks, monitoring and analytics.
Human-Computer Interaction
Research new frontiers of Human-Machine Interfaces, and accelerate user immersion and fidelity of intention.
Index finger
Index finger
Tap of index on thumb
Middle Tap
Thumb finger
Thumb finger
Double tap
Double tap
Proportional tap
Continuous tap
Continuous tap


Mudra Inspire
Mudra Inspire – Developers platform Read more
Mudra Band
Mudra Band For Apple Watch Read more


The human wrist is a highly valuable "real-estate" for sensing the human body. Nerve bundles and arteries pass directly beneath the skin thus it is possible to sense the electrical conductance of the nerves and other bodily functions and collect valuable data.

The Mudra technology utilizes recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in order to comprehend streams of incoming data from each user’s unique physiology in very high sampling rates. With the use of Deep Learning algorithms and Convolutional Neural Networks, we translate digital signals, and classify them as one of the gestures.

When the user moves his fingers, the SNC sensors detect biometric signals originating from the nervous system passing through the wrist. Deep learning algorithms translate electronic signals and classify them as a user-intended gesture. Each gesture defines and transmits a unique interaction with the device.

Our state-of-the-art miniaturized and low-power electronics, combined with cutting edge machine learning and deep learning algorithms (running on TensorFlow), are aimed to provide the most intuitive and stable interface multi-platform solution. Our technology is cross-platform, running applications on Android, Windows, and iOS.


Wearable Devices Ltd. develops a non-invasive Neural input interface for controlling digital devices using subtle finger movements. The company has several granted patents in the USA and in China. We graduated the first batch of the Samsung Runway accelerator in Israel.

We create a future in which the hand itself becomes the universal input device for interacting with technology. Our vision is transforming interaction and control of digital devices to be as natural and intuitive as real-life experiences. We imagine a future in which humans can share skills, thoughts, emotions and movements with each other and with computers, using wearables.

Founded in 2014 by Guy Wagner, Asher Dahan and Leeor Langer it has ten employees in the fields of sensor development, miniaturized electronics, bio-signal processing, machine learning, and user-experience research.

The Mudra Inspire dev-kit is sold since 2018 to global electronics corporations and software solution providers who use it to define the interaction methods for smartwatch, AR glasses, VR headsets, Mobile phones, TV, gaming, robotics, and digital health.

The company is supported by private investors and by Israel’s Innovation Authority (Grants). There is always room for more! Contact us using the form below.

Asher Dahan

CEO, co-founder
Project execution expert, experienced manager and technical leader; experienced in the international arena; Hardware engineer and Intel alumni with vast hands-on expertise in laboratory bring up and management.
Electrical Engineering BSc., Ort Braude

Guy Wagner

President & Chief scientist, co-founder
Hardware expert with multidisciplinary expertise in board design, biomedical signal processing and embedded programming. Intel Alumni with extensive IDF technological background.
Electrical Engineering BSc., Ort Braude

Leeor Langer

CTO, co-founder
Algorithms researcher with expert knowledge in the fields of machine learning and signal \ image \ natural language processing. Held roles as lead algorithms engineer in a number of companies and academic roles.
Applied Math MSc., Tel Aviv University
Electrical Engineering BSc., Technion

Michael Assouline

VP Hardware & System Architect
Electrical Engineering BSc., Technion

Shmuel Barel

VP Marketing & Business Development
MBA – Finance & Marketing, Bar Ilan University
Master of Systems Engineering ME., Technion
Mechnical Engineering BSc., Tel Aviv University

Liav Adi

Software Architect
Computer Science MSc., Technion
Computer Science BSc., Technion

Maor Bardugo

SW and Application developer
Software Engineering BSc., Ort Braude

Ohad Shevily

Product Manager
Master of Systems Engineering ME., Technion
Bachelor in Aeronautics Engineering BSc., Technion

Ohad Arnold

Product UX/UI & Design
B. Design Product design, HIT

Alex Gondovsky

Mechanical Assy & Data cleansing

Offir Remez

Advisor - Corporate Business strategy
China and Korea

Masahiro Yamamoto

GM of Operations

Working with us

We are already in collaboration with the world’s leading Consumer Electronics Corporations, Industrial Enterprises and Information Technology companies, heralding the new age of wearable computing human-computer interaction with the Mudra neural input interaction interface.

We are open to all kinds of technology integrations and SW/HW license. To Access our technology simply do the following:

  1. Buy the Mudra Inspire dev-kit at
  2. Define your product, user-experience and gestures
  3. License our software and algorithms package
  4. License our hardware electronics and sensors
  5. Integrate Mudra Neural Input technology into your product and solution

You are welcomed to contact us to schedule a live demo. We can also define paid Proof of Concept research and Non-Recurring Engineering projects.



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Mudra Band for Apple Watch Named CES 2021 Innovation Awards Honoree.
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API & SDK for Apple iOS iphone and watch
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Mudra Inspire for iOS is in the App store!
Mudra Inspire neural input wristband
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schedule a live demo now at
Wearable Devices at CES 2020

A brief review of Mudra at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.
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Control your Smart TV using subtle finger movements

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Mudra API+SDK for Windows is Ready!
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Start building new immersive experiences for PC on Windows, with our Unity plugin - c++, c#.
wearable gesture control for Raptor Smartglasses

control any AR/MR/VR GUI with four simple gestures - Index, Thumb, Tap, DoubleTap.

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