Smartwatch control made as easy
as a snap of the fingers!

Mudra is an innovative smartwatch strap that connects to your
smartwatch and controls the device using subtle finger movements.

Mudra unlocks the smartwatch's
full potential and usability

Now you can control your smartwatch using the fingers of that same hand, touch free, on-the-go, with a visible screen.

Using subtle finger movements, you control it all – swipe screens, scroll texts, select and back; play music, manage calls, check updates, respond to notifications - all with comfort and ease.

With Mudra, the smartwatch becomes the optimal digital companion – an essential extension for every smartwatch.

Navigate through a menu - while you’re in motion
Hover for interaction
Control several IoT devices – while you’re at home
Hover for interaction
Answer an incoming call – while enjoying extreme sports
Hover for interaction

Simple gestures control it all

We've created a simple, universal set of gestures to control the watch. The product recognizes the individual movements of the thumb, and the index finger.

The device recognizes the soft tap of the index finger with the thumb, and gradations of pressure between the index finger and thumb (a proportional control) as continuous command.
Smartwatch control at your fingertips 
Mudra’s universal gestures eliminates bulky buttons, dials, crowns, bezels, and tiny touchscreens.

Swipe left or right, scroll up or down, select or go back - easily and intuitively.
Hover to see an example for each gesture
Hover to see an example for each gesture
Hover to see an example for each gesture


Mudra Strap
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Mudra Band
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Augmented reality
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Mudra Inside
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One gesture
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We are redefining wearable technology to make wearables truly smart. Our state-of-the-art miniaturized and low-power devices, combined with highly sophisticated machine learning and deep learning algorithms, are aimed to provide smartwatch owners with the most intuitive, fun and comfortable interface to control their watch.

Our patented SNC sensor are mounted on the watch strap and capture the biometric signals generated by the nervous system when the user makes subtle finger movements.

The Micro-processor utilizes recent breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence in order to comprehend streams of incoming data from each user’s unique physiology in very high sampling rates. With the use of Deep Learning algorithms, we translate digital signals and classify them as one of the gestures.

Once a gesture is identified and classified, it is transmitted to the watch’s operating system, where each gesture is associated with an operation on the watch, e.g. swipe, scroll, select, back.

Thus, our unique product blends in with every-day activities for an ubiquitous experience.


Founded in March 2014, Wearable Devices LTD is an Israeli-based High-tech company developing Human-Machine Interface solutions for the Smart wearables industry.

Our vision is transforming communication via digital devices by designing them to be as natural and intuitive as human interaction.
We have one granted patent, and have issued several patents in the field of wearable computing.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality service through the development of innovative, exciting products for the Internet of Things era, focusing on Smartwatches, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality industries.

We are backed by a team of highly professional business advisors and leading technological sub-contractors.


Asher Dahan

CEO, co-founder
Project execution expert, experienced manager and technical leader; experienced in the international arena; Hardware engineer and Intel alumni with vast hands-on expertise in laboratory bring up and management.
Electrical Engineering BSc., Ort Braude

Guy Wagner

President & Chief scientist, co-founder
Hardware expert with multidisciplinary expertise in board design, biomedical signal processing and embedded programming. Intel Alumni with extensive IDF technological background.
Electrical Engineering BSc., Ort Braude

Leeor Langer

CTO, co-founder
Algorithms engineer with expert knowledge in the fields of machine learning and signal \ image \ natural language processing. Held roles as lead algorithms engineer in a number of companies and academic roles.
Applied Math MSc., Tel Aviv University Electrical Engineering BSc., Technicon

Michael Assouline

VP Hardware & System Architect
System design expert with extensive knowledge in algorithm design and implementation along with analog, digital and power circuit design. Held several key innovation and R&D roles in the defense and medical industries.
Electrical Engineering BSc., Technicon

Eran Sela

VP Software & UX Architect
Software expert with algorithmic and UX skills. Eran held roles as software lead in Microsoft and other companies. He has extensive experience in image processing, computer graphics and machine learning.
Computer Science Msc., University of Haifa Computer Engineering Bsc., Technion

Beni Cahana

VP Materials Engineering
Materials expert specializing in Nanotechnology. Led new technologies and projects from inception through mass production and commercial release. Authored 6 patents.
Msc. Chemistry from Bar Ilan University
B.A. Chemistry and BSc. Materials engineering, Technion

Shmuel Barel

Business Development
Start-up growth professional qualified in business strategy, marketing and financial planning. Mentored entrepreneurs in e-commerce accelerator; Held engineering and customer relations roles in Applied Materials, Israel Aircraft Industries.
MBA – Finance & Marketing, Bar Ilan University
Master of Systems Engineering ME., Technion
Mechnical Engineering BSc., Tel Aviv University

Mike Goldstein

Company business advisor previously founded a number of successful companies and has authored over 30 patents.



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